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4 RockShow Caps for $28 Includes Free Shipping

RCF Products - Free Shipping On All Product Orders Over $35



4 RockShow Caps for $28 Includes Free Shipping


4 RockShow Caps for $28 Includes Free Shipping

28.00 100.00

4 Super High Quality RockShow! Caps for < the full price of 1, just $7 ea. + Free Shipping

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Please Note: limited quantity - where they're gone, they're gone, never to be duplicated.  As such, it is possible that we will not be able to fulfillyour order.  If your order comes in after the last of these hats have shipped out we will simply refund your $ with our apologies.  ie, we can't guarantee our ability to deliver.  We know we'll sell out, but have no way of knowing how fast and exactly when.

Awesome High Quality 6 panel construction, brushed 100% cotton twill with comfort/adjustable Velcro straps for just $7 each + including free Shipping.

I personally wear these hats.  I'm always asked, "Hey where did you get that hat?"  75% of our aftermarket sales are from referrals and many repurchase others after receiving their initial order.  If you know someone that enjoys a fine, expertly crafted cap, do them the favor of sharing the opportunity these final sales represent and/or buy one for yourself and give the others to friends & family as gifts.  We anticipate selling out by EOM. 

Head Shots brand by the industry leader, KC Caps.    

Outrageous deal, 4 caps for less than the price of one, $28 buys all 4 caps + whatever the actual shipping cost is, we'll cover the box + handling & arranging for shipping free of charge.

Reality check: 4 of these hats cost us $12.95 each to have manufactured, that's $51.80, our cost for 4 hats.  There is no such thing as "free shipping," it will cost about $5-10 to ship 4 hats depending on where we ship to from Las Vegas, so that's about $60.80 of our cash out of pocket for a $28 sale. Sounds crazy (and it is), but it's a fact - not a sustainable business model.  It is only possible because we've already written off the cost of this inventory as a partial loss - our pain is in the past - and now a few people have the opportunity to take advantage of this incredible value.

Note: 1 "Quantity" hat = 4 hats for $28, includes free shipping & handling

Take advantage of this blowout deal while you can - some people have reported keeping their favorite cap and giving the others to friends - Mom's are buying them for their kids & friends - whatever you do, make it fast because these fabulous caps will not last. They are true collectors items never to be duplicated.

Incredible high density thread count embroidery + striking design elements, make these caps an incredible value - most of our inventory has sold for $26 each + $5 shipping, ie, the price of 1 for many has been $31. These hats cost us $12.95 each to purchase from the manufacturer.  We're blowing them out because it costs us $ to store them and we need the space for new inventory - our problem is your fantastic opportunity.

Available now, while quantities last, for the unbelieveable price of just $28 (for all 4 caps) including free shipping.

Due to our limited quantities we cannot guarantee our ability to fill your order.  When they're gone, they're gone.

These will never be reordered, we will simply return your $ if they're gone by the time you order.  Also, we reserve the right to send multiples of the same cap if we run out of some designs, but are still able to fulfill your order of 4 caps for the price of one.   

Compare online, you will discover that these are the real deal - superior quality - outstanding value - smart choice!